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Longing. Rusted. 17.

I liked Civil War more than I expected to, however,Read more...Collapse )
Anyone in the mood to chat? I'm currently painting my nails and watching Trainwreck. I just did some icon re-arranging I haven't seen Civil War yet (no spoilers!). During my post-work shower, I mentally sang all of Nicki Minaj's "Monster" to myself and felt super badass.

ants. why did it have to be ants?

So, I finally saw Ant-Man, hated it. Only restrained myself from pulling out my laptop and doing other things because I was watching the movie with other people and I did not want to ruin their time by being blatant about how much I disliked it. This lays out some of my problems, and I just want to stress that the fact that Hank lost his wife was does not excuse the YEARS OF ABANDONMENT he inflicted on his daughter or at that fact that he doesn’t want to lose her doesn’t change the fact that he DOES NOT RESPECT HER.

Also, I felt so bad for Cassie’s step-father, who was PRESENT IN HER LIFE and handled some pretty hurtful (if funny) comments from his step daughter with poise, but I’m supposed to root against him, because he don’t look like a handsome weasel like Paul Rudd.

Also, I hate ants, so i literally had to look away from the screen at a couple of the swarming scenes.

Admittedly, there were some really funny moments. I adored Luis’ two stories in particular, and I was DELIGHTED by crazy stupid hot guerrilla reporter who knows Falcon.

And finally, several times during the movie I was like, ‘another fucking movie about a dude learning to use his powers. I can’t believe they made this instead of a Black Widow movie.’

Apr. 1st, 2016

In case anyone wants to prompt/write Frank/Karen, that would be fantastic...

the girl from u.n.c.l.e.

the girl from u.n.c.l.e. (Gaby/Illya)

For a spy, even taking a holiday requires a certain amount of subterfuge.

I have to admit, I'm ridiculously pleased with this fic. It has banter, sexy cars, and Gaby taking Illya's virginity, it's aces.

new mission, same code name

I just posted chapter four of we russians have nothing but our winter, which is when the plot starts ramping into high gear.

no fun dancing by yourself

There are former LJers who would like to return, but their friends lists have been deserted.
Let's all welcome them back with open arms and show them that LJ is very much alive!

If you're new to my LJ, and want a fun way to ask me questions, my january talk meme turned into my february talk meme. If you have been here a while... I'm sure you're shocked, my january talk meme turned into my february talk meme. There's open spaces if you'd like to ask me questions!
For the January talk meme (that I am only just now starting on, at the end of January) errant_shadows asked me to talk about: Frozen 2 (whenever the hell that's supposed to be coming out) specifically, Elsa as a lesbian (come on Disney, you can go there) and possible story-lines - discuss.

Okay, normally, I can play along with these types of questions, but for this one, my mind went, "Disney would never in a million years do this," and I couldn't get past it. Disney is not going to have a queer character in ANY of their major franchise UNLESS the superhero folk manage to slip it past the radar. One of their princesses is not going to be queer UNTIL homosexuality/ sexualities-that-are-not-hetero are SO COMMON in the culture that the only comment pop culture would make about it would be 'finally, Disney gets with the times.'


what's damian darhk doing in bali?

I'm all current with Arrow, FYI! Generally speaking, I've enjoyed this season a lot.
After listening extensively to covers of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" I would like to formally declare Jasmine T's the best version of that song.


Television Update

Mainly for my own reference...

Things I'm watching:

Arrow (currently behind)
Brooklyn 99 (one episode behind)
iZombie (current)
Teen Wolf (current)

Things I intend to watch:

Agent Carter
Legends of Tomorrow
Shannara? Is there a way to watch that legally without paying for MTV?

Slowly catching up on:



Archer (watched the first season, enjoyed it.)


January Talk Meme February Talk Meme

tielan posted this and it seems like fun – pick a day and ask me a question in the comments, and on that day I'll make a post answering our questions.

15th Feb -
16th Feb -
17th Feb - tielan - describe your ideal home
18th Feb -
19th Feb - hungrytiger111 - Laurel Lance or Sara Lance as the Canary
20th Feb -
21st Feb -
22nd Feb - lokifan how did you discover online fandom?
23rd Feb -
24th Feb -
25th Feb -
26th Feb -
27th Feb -
28th Feb -
29th Feb -
30th Feb -
31st Feb -


In Other News

A while back I finished Jessica Jones and watched The Force Awakens (seeing that movie was my Christmas present) and I fucking loved both of them.

2015 Was A Dumpster Fire

Looking back, it looks like 2014 was not that great either. And my worried Skyeward prediction came true.

Needless to say, I'm going to be very happy when 2016 hits, and my New Year's Eve plans involve getting hella drunk.


tis the season of giving

stainofmylove is hosting a holiday gift meme fic thing, where people request fics and then other kind souls write fics for them! You should all check it out. *cough cough* My wishlist is right here.

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Dec. 13th, 2015

Due to tumblr, I picked up The Lost Generation (and then returned it because I ran out of renewals), and I was reading the intro and there is a HYSTERICAL passage where the authors mention that one of the correspondents in that book was homosexual (he was having relations with men - PLURAL - under his command) and followed that up with, 'but don't assume that he and this other dude were screwing despite the super-affectionate closing of his letters. It was a different time back then."

To which I went, "lolz, I'm sure, whatever you say."

In other news, I kinda dig how we live in a world now where the flap copy is can be like 'THIS IS MY RPF FICTION WITH A FEW NAMES CHANGED, ENJOY.'

I mean, there are downsides (Shades of Grey) but I kinda find the honestly hilarious?

Which is to say, I finally got The Royal We. I really enjoyed about 90% of it - it's frothly and genuinely funny. My favorite part wasRead more...Collapse )


Every time I listen to this song

I think, "this is an angsty Clint Barton/Kate Bishop fic waiting to be written."

Heads up, I just posted the first chapter of what is going to be an epic, multi-chapter, multi-part Gaby/Illya fanfic.

But I do have a technical question that AO3 FAQ couldn't answer for me. This part I'm currently posting SHOULD end up being part 3 (there are some bonus fics set prior to the main action). Is there a way when I upload a new work as part of a series it shows as part 1 instead of part 2?

Sins Of The Father

When Damian Darhk has that line "from one father to another" in the lastest episode, I wondered if he could be Felicity's father.



earnmysong linked me to a Oliver/Felicity fanvid to "at the beginning" and I was not prepared for the devastating OTP feelings that came:


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