redbrunja (redbrunja) wrote,

Disney Couldn't Even Do The HET Ship I Liked With Frozen

For the January talk meme (that I am only just now starting on, at the end of January) errant_shadows asked me to talk about: Frozen 2 (whenever the hell that's supposed to be coming out) specifically, Elsa as a lesbian (come on Disney, you can go there) and possible story-lines - discuss.

Okay, normally, I can play along with these types of questions, but for this one, my mind went, "Disney would never in a million years do this," and I couldn't get past it. Disney is not going to have a queer character in ANY of their major franchise UNLESS the superhero folk manage to slip it past the radar. One of their princesses is not going to be queer UNTIL homosexuality/ sexualities-that-are-not-hetero are SO COMMON in the culture that the only comment pop culture would make about it would be 'finally, Disney gets with the times.'
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