redbrunja (redbrunja) wrote,

ants. why did it have to be ants?

So, I finally saw Ant-Man, hated it. Only restrained myself from pulling out my laptop and doing other things because I was watching the movie with other people and I did not want to ruin their time by being blatant about how much I disliked it. This lays out some of my problems, and I just want to stress that the fact that Hank lost his wife was does not excuse the YEARS OF ABANDONMENT he inflicted on his daughter or at that fact that he doesn’t want to lose her doesn’t change the fact that he DOES NOT RESPECT HER.

Also, I felt so bad for Cassie’s step-father, who was PRESENT IN HER LIFE and handled some pretty hurtful (if funny) comments from his step daughter with poise, but I’m supposed to root against him, because he don’t look like a handsome weasel like Paul Rudd.

Also, I hate ants, so i literally had to look away from the screen at a couple of the swarming scenes.

Admittedly, there were some really funny moments. I adored Luis’ two stories in particular, and I was DELIGHTED by crazy stupid hot guerrilla reporter who knows Falcon.

And finally, several times during the movie I was like, ‘another fucking movie about a dude learning to use his powers. I can’t believe they made this instead of a Black Widow movie.’

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