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I liked Civil War more than I expected to, however,while I liked what we got of Natasha, I found it really indefensible that in a movie with SO MUCH about brainwashing and the russian super soldier program, THEY DID NOT TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE BW A BIGGER SUBPLOT/MORE BACKSTORY.

I hated how she and sharon just vanish 2/3 of the way through the movie.

HATED Spiderman. Every second of his screen time should have gone to someone else, and generally speaking, I think there were too many characters in that movie.

Fight scenes were great, except for airport fight, which had SUCH low stakes. I literally clapped in the theater when Natasha electrocuted T'Challa. They sold me on 'her head is with Tony her heart is with Steve' which I did not think they would be able to do.

I really liked the stuff with Wanda and Vision, and loved that Steve was ALMOST going to sign until he found out how Wanda was being treated. I really loved Wanda in this movie? I loved her and Vision and the conversation about having power you don't understand/can't control. I died at the contrast between where they ended up - that Wanda made this dramatic stand that ended with her in prison and Vision was left going 'I had feelings.... they comprised me... ????'

Really liked Clint and Tony's talk in the prison.

Would love a move that was just Steve, Clint, Nat, Wanda, and Sam (and maybe Sharon?) saving the world.

I was assuming that one of the ending tags was going to be Nat in the tropics being bad ass, and when it was Spiderman (WHO HAS HAD SIX FUCKING MOVIES ON MY GOD) I literally said very loudly some phrase the involved the word fuck in a crowded morning matinee.

Also, how do we feel about Nat/T'Challa?

Because I watched their first interaction and was like, 'damn, Nat, another grade A+ brother is giving you the love-making eyes. Get it.'

I also adored the Steve/Nat interactions. That when they were going to be on opposite ideological sides she still came to Peggy's funeral to support him.

Also, thrilled they gave what was originally a Cap quote to Peggy. Every time they parallel Captain America= Peggy Carter I die a little with happiness.
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