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If you receive an excessively capslocked comment from me tonight, do not be alarmed - I am simply in a good mood and drowning in ALL THE AVENGER FEELS. Plus I have ice cream.



Especially this post about Clint's backstory.


portions_forfox was talking on her LJ a couple weeks ago about prompts that you (general you) repost and repost at fanfic comment memes hoping someone will finally finally fill them... tell me about yours in the comments, please. I am very curious.


Also, relevant to the interests of so many ladies on my flist: 28 Days Of Doing Shipping Wrong.

Marvel's 2012 movie announced. And it's not about Black Widow. Or Coulson. Or SHIELD. I cannot believe instead of a movie about the epic Natasha Romanoff (in which, maybe, the world's greatest marksmen is sent to kill her and they make out instead) we're getting "Guardians of the Galaxy" and fucking Ant-Man. THEY DON'T EVEN GO HERE.



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