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All You Zombies Hide Your Faces

I have a cold this Halloween. Just finished this week's iZombie, about to check out this week's Arrow. (Both thematically appropriate media for tonight.)


I Know My Own Worth

Okay, when thinking about The Man From Uncle/MCU cross overs, please consider:

  • Peggy and Gaby talking about being ladies in a male dominated field and also having A+ outfit game.

  • Peggy giving Gaby advice on taking down bigger, larger men. Gaby takes to the advice “hit em with whatever’s handy” like a duck to water.

  • Waverly’s low-key crush on Agent Carter. You know he has it.

  • Gaby geeking out over stark tech and then hardcore shutting down Howard Stark when he tries to get into her pants.

  • Napoleon and Angie competing for best reaction faces.

  • Napoleon and Angie competing for ‘most dramatic person’ in the room.

  • Illya being star-struck and not admitting it when he crosses paths with Dottie Underwood, one of THE Black Widows, even if she is a traitor to the state.

  • …When Illya defects, he comes back to his apartment to find a bottle of peach schnapps (which tastes disgusting) and a note in Russian that says, “You can be anyone you want now, Illuyshka. Choose wisely.” Gaby loves the schnapps, which might have been the point.

I guess I mean TMFU/Agent Carter crossovers.

ALSO, the digital release of The Man From UNCLE is today (I know know why the actual DVD is coming out a month fom now). ALL OF YOU should go watch it so I will have more people to talk about TMFU, but ESPECIALLY geckoholic and qualapec! I'm so excited.

What The Hap Is Fuckening

I just got the tumblr reply letting me know I made it in just under the wire for the Man From Uncle fanworks exchange.

Me: That's so great.... I really hope that I can figure out the deadlines, word minimum, how an exchange works on tumblr, etc.

(There was a Q&A with the notification post, but I ended up going 'YES, I absolutely want to do this' at 6:30 am. after an entire six hours of disrupted sleep so, you know, that was a life choice I made.)

Also, I'm doing Yuletide this year, even though half the things I want to request/offer are not eligible (Anastasia, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries). I'm currently beating my head against what I want my fourth offer to be. I know I am going to offer to write The Man From Uncle, Fury Road, and probably Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. After that it's a toss up between Push or iZombie (and before you say 'red, why don't you offer to write both' the answer is I would greatly prefer to write TMFU or Fury Road, and the more things I offer to write, the greater the chance I won't get either of those two).

*boss ass bitch plays in the background*

Arrow continues to be beyond my wildest dreams.Read more...Collapse )

I've never seen a show turn itself around in season four like this.
There's Now An Adults Only HP Experience

Or, for the low, low price of whatever you’re paying for your internet connection, you could visit this wonderful place called Archive Of Our Own and REALLY get the adult harry potter experience.

wish it was sunday

I don’t have a good meme to reblog, but I’m going to have a long day that includes an horribly boring work meeting, so ask me anything.

 photo tumblr_inline_ncgrijUTeP1rosj9q_zpsty79wu3p.gif

"Cheer Up. Maybe She Has A Sister."

This showed up on my dash and I literally hissed at my computer screen.

This is the reason that I am so fucking salty about Bucky/Steve shippers and people are 'BI STEVE ROGERS, ACTUALLY CANON.' BECAUSE IT ALWAYS COMES WITH THIS GROSS SIDE OF PEGGY CARTER ERASURE.

And come on, guys, it is not like you don't have PLENTY of material in support of your ship. Because you have PLENTY. Now please leave my Peggy/Steve scenes alone.

Ho Hum

Today started with my mom and I both getting ready for work at the same time. Which is mildly aggravating because she still doesn't understand (after 28 years) that I am Not. A. Morning. Person. Yes, all you are going to get are monosyllabic replies. It's 6:30 a.m. I can only do so much.

Anyway, today is going to be long and boring, so if anyone is interested, I'd love to talk fandom.
Could people comment with happy (and or happy-smutty) Gaby/Ilya headcanons? Because It’s been a hard-knock life week and when I try to distract myself by thinking of Gaby/Illya, my headcanons always twist and end here:

….‘and then Illya’s asshole superiors call him back to Moscow and Gaby is ALONE, ONCE AGAIN ABANDONED BY THE MEN IN HER LIFE, but that’s alright, she’s strong, she’s USED TO THIS, and Illya thinks that IT’S BETTER THIS WAY, SHE IS FREE TO FIND SOMEONE WHO MAKES HER TRULY HAPPY while snow tragically falls.’

Sold My Soul To The Calling

I'm trying to figure out the song(s?) playing in this trailer.

Specifically the one that starts around 1:10 and I honestly can't tell if that's the same song heard later in the trailer. Google-fu has failed me.


blow a kiss, fire a gun

gacked from tielan:

So, let's play a game because I want to write but I have no time and no brain right this instant.

In the comments:

1. write me a ficlet OR
2. tell me the fic you'd like me to write OR
3. tell me about the fic you'd write for me.

Be detailed! Give plotbunnies and twists and turns, tell me the backstory, or the character thoughts.

And, once you're done, give me a prompt for a fic and I'll tell you the fic I'd write based off it.

I'll take all my usual pairings/characters/teams, and anything you think you have a snowflake's hope in hell of getting me to ship. :)


So, Brooklyn 99 premier.Read more...Collapse )

Also, I watched the pilot of Blindspot. Jaimie Alexander is a goddess but I don't know if her beauty can elevate that deep mediocrity of the show. At some point my mom literally narrated what was going to happen five second before it did.

you fix a man, he flies away

Does anyone else have zero time for Howard Stark? Because I have zero time for Howard Stark. (And I have about 2 seconds for Tony Stark, depending on how dumb his choices just were, and how little he's being held accountable for them.)

Not Voyeurism, Though, The Other Word

Okay, what's the AO3 tag for when the fic is about ONE pairing but it's being narrated/observed by a third person who is not part of the pairing?

I was listening to the Fury Road OST track “Mary Jo Bassa” on my commute yesterday and seriously, listening to that song hurts so much I was smiling.

Also, I was talking to geckoholic and my feelings for Furiosa… it’s like this. Unually, when I love a female character my reaction to her is something like this:


But with Furiosa, I feel like it doesn’t quite fit? Like, I’m TOO AWARE of the fact that Furiosa would never want to be called queen or goddess so going forward when I feel the need to express my love for Furiosa I think I just need to roll off her self-indentifiers, Furiosa, one of the Vuvalini, of the Many Mothers. Her initiating Mother was KT Concannon and she is the daughter of Mary Jo Bassa, of the Clan Swaddle Dog.

my opinion is no

This week is thankfully drawing to a close, and my big plans are to go home, nap, eat chocolate, and pretend life is less of a trash fire than it actually is.

gacked from tielan :

Anyway, anyone want to ask me a question? Anything and everything fannish. You get to ask me a question and I ask you a question back for as long as you care to keep it up.

 photo selfie tumblr_inline_n5kqpwi12U1s2djns_zpslilmhdmx.gif

I Blame Age of Ultron For This

So I’m in the middle of doing an unofficial AO3 ‘unfollow’ spree. Lately I have been getting A TON of notifications about fanfics I am not interested in. Either I’m no longer in the fandom or the author has moved on to fandoms I’m unfamiliar with.

Le sigh. It’s not fun to get a whole bunch of notifications for things that I don’t want to read.

Also, I’m getting rid of people on my twitter feed and tumblr dash who don’t like Felicity/Oliver.

Because while I am not going to say there are no reasons NOT to like Felicity/Oliver and/or the way season three played out, I DO NOT FUCKING WANT TO SEE YOUR DISLIKE.

It’s like, Olicity is a thing that is happening, and I still can’t believe it.

You guys, I thought hints were all we were going to get. I BET MOVIE TICKETS that Felicity/Oliver was not endgame.






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